Disc Injuries and Degeneration

Disc degeneration is considered a normal sign of aging and is responsible for lower back pain, which may be minor but during flare ups, is very painful. Chiropractic care including physical therapy, massage, and spinal adjustments (depending on the condition of each patient) address pain at its source, improve mobility in the spine and reduce inflammation of the discs.

Stress on the spine, most commonly involving bending, twisting or lifting can cause disc herniations. Discs are the spongy like material in between the vertebrae and provide shock absorption and cushioning within the spinal column. When the disc becomes injured, the outer fibers of the disc can tear allowing for the center of the disc, called the nucleus to leak causing irritation by pressing on the nerves that exit out of the spine.

Chiropractors do treat disc herniations and many scientific studies have shown that a high proportion of patients find relief with this kind of treatment. For more information and advice on how chiropractic can help you in the treatment of back pain, including disc herniation, sciatica and referred pain.

We at Maxlife will perform a full examination (including X rays if necessary) including a detailed history of your health and lifestyle to determine the cause of your headaches.  Unlike pain killing drugs, we treat the cause of the pain not just the pain itself.
Once a diagnosis has been made, we will put together a customized treatment plan using a variety of specific chiropractic and muscular adjustment techniques in order to mobilize the ‘stuck’ areas and remove spinal nerve irritation that is responsible for causing the pain.

Some patients enjoy almost immediate relief, others notice a gradual easing of their symptoms over a period of several weeks depending on the nature of the problem.

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