Headaches and Migraines

Headaches are common, but they’re not normal.

They are so common there is a dedicated section or aisle in your local pharmacy/grocery store of pain relievers of various types, which are the most common approach to headaches. In our practice we take a more natural approach. Our objective is to find and reduce the underlying cause of a headache.

More often than not, headaches occur when spinal bones in the neck aren’t supporting the head properly. You might not notice your reduced ability to turn your head, but these stuck areas or subluxations affect nerves, muscles and even the blood supply to your head.

Our thorough examination detects subluxation patterns that could be causing your headaches. If subluxations are present, you’re likely to benefit from chiropractic care.

Some are surprised to learn that their headaches are being caused by problems in their lower back! The upper spine compensates, shifting the head off center, causing headaches.

While we can’t guarantee results, we have a high success rate with practice members who get headaches. Give us a call. Let’s sit down and discuss your unique situation. We will perform a full exam including a detailed history of your health and lifestyle to determine if the cause of your pain is caused by fixations in your neck or even low back.  Unlike pain killing drugs, we treat the cause of the pain by addressing the underlying neurological, mechanical and muscular problems – not just the pain itself.

Once a diagnosis has been made, we will put together a customized treatment plan using a variety of specific chiropractic and muscular adjustment techniques in order to mobilize the ‘stuck’ areas (subluxations) and remove spinal nerve irritation that is responsible for causing the pain.

Some patients enjoy almost immediate relief while others notice a gradual easing of their symptoms over a period of several weeks depending on the nature of the problem and/or the length of time one has had the problem.



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