Cold Laser Therapy

Don’t just take our word for it, let our success stories speak for us!

Cold Laser Therapy

“When I came here I had suffered a 3rd degree ankle sprain… I couldn’t bear any weight on my foot and I was on crutches. After my first treatment of Laser Therapy I was able to walk out of the office… I was able to return to normal activity with very little discomfort and it’s only been a little over two weeks!” – Rachel I.

“I broke my foot last summer and the laser helped my foot heal a lot faster than normal. The Doctor has also used it on me for sciatica and when my low back discs flare up! Good stuff! Best thing is you don’t feel anything and don’t have to take any pills.” -Joe D.

“I have a large patch on the crown of my head where I have alopecia and my doctor suggested I see Dr. Tanya. Previously I went the medication route and had cortisone shots on the bald spot and the hair took a few months to grow back. My hair started growing back after only two treatments and there were no shots!” -Suzanne M.

“A few years ago I had fallen on ice and although I didn’t break anything my back and arm were strained and bruised badly. Dr. Tanya did 2 laser sessions on me and the pain was better that 50% gone and I was moving almost normally again. As a side note, the bruises were healed within a week which would usually take a month to disappear. “ -John K.

“I had my thyroid removed and on the way home from the hospital I stopped in the office for cold laser therapy for post surgical healing. When I went in for the follow-up appointment, my doctor was amazed at how quickly I had healed and at how good the scar looked. After my amazing experience, I brought my husband, who was suffering from a skin issue, the doctors had diagnosed as MRSA, that internal and topical antibiotics weren’t helping. After a single treatment with the cold laser, my husband’s skin went from fiery and inflamed to pink and almost normal looking. It was amazing!” -Anne B.

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