EBPro Detoxifying Footbath

EBPro Detoxifying Footbath

“I had pain and constant cramping in my foot and legs. After one detoxification treatment, I’m off pain medication for the first time in six months!” Doug V.

“I’ve had insomnia for a few months. After one session with the footbath I was able to sleep soundly through the night and have been since!” –Inga M.

“WOW! The entire day I had more energy, my brain seemed very clear and I felt a sense of calm all day! I feel like it was a spa experience and it is good for me at the same time! Thank you so much for your recommendation, as always you are right on the mark!” –Erik D.

“I have Chronic Lymphoma Leukemia, my white blood cell count was over 60,000 since I’ve been using the footbath my count has decreased by 20,000! My health in general is so much better.” Eileen D.

“I have used cleanses in the past and was a little skeptical of the EBPro at first. After only a few treatments, I have noticed a decrease in the frequency and length of my migraines.” Chris G.

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