Auto or Sports Injury



Too often it feels like simply stepping out the front door invites any number of mishaps – between trips and slips, sports-related injuries, and the wear and tear of daily living, most people return home at the end of the day slightly worse for the wear.  Among the most serious threats people face are car accidents, and with an average of 6 million car accidents in the United States every year, they’ve become a common occurrence no one is immune to.

Thanks to improved technology to protect automobile passengers and laws prohibiting drivers from engaging in risky behavior like texting while driving, the roads are safer than ever.  However, accidents continue to happen and they frequently leave marks that last long after the car has been repaired and any cuts and scrapes have been healed.  Luckily, New Jersey is a no-fault state, which means all car insurance policies issued must include personal injury protection, or PIP, so that medical treatment is not delayed while the work is done to determine the responsible party.

Many of the patients we have seen over the years come to our office immediately following a car accident suffering from whiplash and the many symptoms that go along with it. Conversely many come in years later with chronic problems that often began with an accident years before.  The patients that get the best results of course don’t wait years for treatment after the accidents or injuries when the symptoms ‘settle in’ but are proactive with a prevention mindset.  Otherwise your injuries may cause serious deterioration, arthritis and any number of chronic and painful symptoms which if left untreated could require more invasive procedures.

At MaxLife we believe the relief of escaping a car crash relatively unscathed should not be undermined by the stress and frustration that has become typical of the medical billing process.  Our treatment specialists and billing professionals are well versed in New Jersey’s personal injury protection benefits and work closely with all MaxLife patients to ensure they fully understand the extent of their coverage and file all the appropriate paperwork so they can remain focused on what’s really important: their recovery.

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